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Allergy to never surrender ... with your treatment.

Allergy ... to never surrender. 
    Is the body's allergic reaction to the allergens. When the body has been allergens (Allergen) into the body will be encouraged to send a certain chemical. Which the body is responding in a different manner, such as mucous nasal congestion in the area of skin rash with itching eyes in such substances cause allergic Pom will look different to each person. When the body is good material will cause different reactions to. Allergens, including how that wool dust or pollen flowers, etc.. 

    Allergy is a disease that can be contacted directly by inheritance. People who have relatives or family history is an allergic before will have the opportunity to have a fever higher than people who never had a family history, allergy to all. 

     Symptoms of allergy. If the respiratory system is allergic to look stuffy nose mucous clear if other vehicles strike many sinus tumor. Runny nose may be shamelessly. Steam or chronic. Especially when sleep. When cold weather. (Allergic asthma is considered as one way) in patients with allergy symptoms often no fever. If a fever is likely to be infected by bacteria or viruses together. 

     Symptoms of skin. Vehicles will have the skin area. Allergic rash, which has both a small bump. To bump a large eruption on the skin. Called urticaria. 

     The eye symptoms are characteristic symptoms of itching in the tearful eyes often red-eye. 
      Food allergy. Toxic or allergic to the insects will have a range of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, itching rash if allergic could be more shocks to the volume concentration of such substances. 

Insert a small bump. Occur within the oral soft palate area. 

When a fever and other diseases will be there. 

      Patients who are allergic to the nose. Have the opportunity to easily cavernous sinusitis. When allergic. Sinus to swell. Membrane is swollen sinus cavity with Bush. Including opening of the sinus cavity, so swelling snot will not be able to flow out. Result in bacterial infection and leads to cavity sinusitis. 

      Patients to sinus inflammation can occur easily. Patients will have pain around the sinus area, but no facial pain. There may be a little fever. Or feel any delay. Frontal area was. Patients with allergic rhinitis will have the opportunity to be easy also. 
Guidelines for treatment of allergy. 

       Allergy treatment is best. Avoid those allergic. But if do not. Require treatment by eating something allergic. May be associated with using drugs nasal spray. Or treatment by injection allergens by allergic patients in the injectable volume and concentration ends. Then the volume and concentration increased. So that the body can adapt and immune to all that is. 
          Eating something allergic. 

                 Something lost in the current effect on the body, much less waste. However, if allergic or better during the allergy can not stop the drug. But when the allergy occurs again. Can return to eat the drug as it was. 

           Nasal spray drug divided into 3 types. 

                 Drugs that reduce swelling of the sinus. This drug should not be used continuously for extended periods. It gives very dry sinus. Fluid may cause nosebleed. 

                 Drugs that reduce symptoms of allergic sinus. A drug that Steere Grand Roy. Can continue in the long term, but must use the prescribed size. Use in children should consult doctors. 

                 Help sinus medicine does not dry moisture does not harm any drug use has continued. 
                 But the most important thing to do is keep health check regularly and exercise regularly. Avoid those allergic. Health care is not just us. But ... we do to people we love with. 
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