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Believe or not patients with asthma treated in emergency rooms millions of people annually.

Asthma ... hangman quiet. 

         The fact that you may not know. Have asthma to be treated at emergency rooms at least 1,000,000 people per year. 
"Stars" easy girl laugh. Her life is about to begin nursing. And emergency room repeatedly. Good-natured girl came to die, then come to our listening experience. "Aware that asthma is now a five-six years old. Time is not much people know this disease. It will almost die once. It almost sent a doctor to catch. 
Life is not filled with laughter. 
        Asthma is a disease that tedious trial annoying when the children are very small. Relapses are very frequent during the three shots four shots. Torture is unconscionable. Mouth and nails are green. Romp knead knead clay dust as they are not friends. Symptoms recur during the 25-year-old in serious condition because it is not self. To the hospital two week - three times more boring to review drugs galore. Plus, side effects, it gives us a spine shiver and decay, combined with various diseases. 
No. 1 sign. 
        Take it all off boring drug review be left off because the drug itself does not contact anyone, then symptoms will recur very nervous just walking a few steps to the door they seem very remote. Raise serious. The contract to choke out. "It is thought certain death. But to just take someone to the hospital is no survival "and then someone else will help take care closely. There are enough symptoms nicotine symptom relief. Hard it must be sent to the hospital. This is a very frequent and familiar. 
Suffering hidden beneath smiles. 
        A disease that music down happy. The first step is to think that Blue does not. Paul conceives it forward glad you consult any doctor. This is fortunate children do not receive from our disease. This disease must pay to hospitals at tens of thousands. Plus, sometimes a barrier to work. Face powder or dust, not much. Someone else's team must guard instead. Feel themselves a burden. Now not have to do activities with family and friends. Even they have separate sleeping rooms alone. Air can not sleep or be comfortable beds are not. 

Asthma be impartial. 
         People or even myself think that this disease is not dangerous. It may seem a cold one. Nicotine drug is lost. But the truth is not lost. If someone else know. Help the hospital did not catch it the right to die. 
Still have hope in life. 
        Ask a fear that this disease มั้ย. Would not be afraid to accept it. And in fact, if knowledge about asthma. Conduct to be. Drug control routine regularly in time. Will reduce asthma by as. And wait for the doctor appointment. Many patients with asthma who work in treatment. He has made an independent life. Not subject to the concerns we want to live as it does. Do not have a time limit. We would start from day 1 2 3 4 and lung Trwd regularly measure performance. 
  Not just us ... but for the happiness of the people we love. 
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