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Symptoms caused by allergic to dust, what dust + How about what asthma (tips not confidential).

    How about what dust disease .. asthma. 

               Found that the allergy is due primarily to 80 cents is the patient's children and 50 cents is the patient's asthma as adults. And allergens that are found most often is what causes dust, followed by a curse them insects and fungi, pollen, pets. 

             Therefore, in addition to studies of asthma drugs are. Both drugs and drug prevention and treatment. Control and avoiding allergens that cause. (Note from allergy testing) will cause symptoms rest and use drugs with fewer. This is a medical report from the International write clearly no. That the treatment of asthma patients treated by physicians who treat allergy complete all standard procedures. Will provide better results by using drug therapy only. 
        Dust allergy caused allergic diseases, including how dust allergy or sinus infection from sinusitis (Allergic rhinitis) asthma (asthma) membrane pad eye disease from allergic inflammation (allergic conjunctivitis) allergic disease, the skin rash. (atopicdermatitis), resulting in symptoms such as. 

  The nasal symptoms: nasal itching sneeze snot flowing clear any nasal congestion. 
  The eye symptoms: itching eyes tearful eyes swollen eye irritation. 
  Symptoms of respiratory system: I have clear sticky sputum tight chest gasp. 
  The skin symptoms: itching rash urticaria. 
        Individual patients do not need all the symptoms. Some patients may be at the same time, many diseases such as sinusitis and asthma and other diseases. Or both sinusitis and allergic rash. 

        Some people may have a certain disease. Or in each period of life does not have the same time, such as when children are just allergic to air. Grow with asthma are also common. 

        And those who have these symptoms do not have the means to lose what Jacobsen dust only write. This is because the symptoms of allergic substances that do not lose anything. Symptoms are similar to each other. 

       Therefore, people allergic to dust how to have both on what has been hanging in the air cleaner. (What's a little cleaner) and when the dust from what has been the main source of it, such as from bed pillow rug.
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