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Shock the world ... Region 2.

Shock asthma asthma emergency room at 1 million / 2 years .. Department. 
        Asthma ... asthma Many may think that this disease will not be deadly. It is widely Thai patients. Just be careful not to exert much. Or would work hard enough. Most patients often assess the severity of the disease low. Think that it can inject the drug treatment. Lost time and lost opportunities for treatment. 

     But in fact was the data according to the World Health Organization. Patients have approximately 300 million asthma patients in Thailand has approximately 3-5 million deaths per year around 1000-3000 the number of people who died due to 70% of the hospital too late. 

         Report of hospitals around the country last year under the 2547-2550 BC found in patients with asthma treatment by hospitals all around 2 billion people find most Northeast. Secondary is the central southern and northern. 

         Chokchai full of praise ผศ.น.พ. growth. Allergy Unit, teachers regularly. Department of Medicine State's State Medical Board's Ramathibodi Hospital, explained asthma (Asthma) is one type of allergy. Windpipe to the sensitive environment. The irritation. And cause the windpipe Si drug. 

         Some may call it asthma asthma Asthma fact, those with symptoms of asthma. Relapse often together with pant. But often times have a few things. 

          Asthma is a disease of muscle contraction to Applera's windpipe serious. Make narrow windpipe. Sputum that has come out very sticky. Patients will be breathing hard. Fatigue time breathing. When symptoms are worse when breathing noisy Wigd other. When a very tired and will not be able to breathe out. Step up and make a แยบ promptly died. 

         Patients with asthma. Sore throat easier than people. And the Church have the opportunity to be of high complications. Especially if the child is small. Patients are often cold and sinus drug Si Si sexual symptoms often windpipe. 

             Even during cold weather or weather changes frequently. Allows bacteria living in the neck and sinus respiratory system. Allowed to get into the windpipe and cutting into the lungs easily. Because the bacteria associated Stephanie year growth - core c Berkowitz Daniel E. New or New Motionwear Motionwear coccus. That may cause pneumonia. And may result in serious if treated delay. The disease progression into the bloodstream and may cause brain disease infected IP good. The infectious good IP. Is infectious. New Motionwear coccus type violence. Are dangerous and can cause disability to death. Especially in children less than 5 years since this bacteria found living in the respiratory system of children less than 50%. 

         Most patients who died are more people to have children because much complication. 
          Now statistics asthma patients has increased many around the world. But found that international factors that cause asthma. Allergic to pollen from flowers. In Thailand. What will come from beating the dust from the bed what curse, smoke, insects, air pollution. 

         For other factors that cause disease, including how the environment from pollution, dust pollen tobacco smoke and air. Can cause asthma to total. Often found damp rainy winter asthma patients. Will have more than normal. 

        Asthma is a chronic disease. Requires continuous therapy showed that patients with asthma in childhood from. Half will have the opportunity to a full recovery. At age into 10-18 years if treated correctly. And exercise regularly and properly. It enables the body is immune.
          Some people have beliefs and use herbal medicine in treatment. They must be careful and ensure that herbal medicine really is. No Steere Roy Worldwide (Steroids) or (Prednisolone) mix it will cause severe symptoms, complications. Some drugs may cause asthma. Disappear temporarily, but after a penalty. 

           Ministry of Health. Also cautioned. Some people have believed that. Kinhag the lizard and then lost to the disease. Not true. Because no scientific data to confirm. In a lizard tail properties asthma treatment. Asthma has in any way. 

           The treatment of asthma. Will continue to do what dollar. Importance of the most pant. Breathing difficulties and even use drugs and inject it. Should soon be sending patients to the nearest hospital immediately. It may cause lasting bronchodilators and was unable to breathe. Making the most heart failure. 
       Careful monitoring symptoms noticed before. Will not be regretted later. 
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